How to be Virtuous – Temperance – Chastity

Chastity is a Christian virtue concerned with sexual purity.  To be chaste is to obey the Law of Chastity.  The Law of Chastity says that we restrict any form of sexual relations to man and wife in marriage.  The Law of Chastity is a law that is concerned with protecting the integrity of families.  It stems from one of he first commandments that God ever gave Adam and Eve. God brought Adam and Eve together in marriage and commanded them to multiply and replenish the earth (Genesis 1:28). The Law of Chastity stipulates the bounds within which this commandment is to be fulfilled.

In the following posts, issues related the law of Chastity will be examined:

  1. Chastity: An Overview
  2. Overcoming Pornography
  3. Abortion
  4. Same-Sex Attraction
  5. Transgender Issues
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