Depression Protocol – Module 1

Module 1: Intake & Socializing to the Cognitive Model

In the initial phase of treatment, the therapist will educate you on the symptoms, epidemiology and etiology of the disorder.  The therapist will use her standard intake questions and if she determines that you are struggling with depression then she will rule out differential diagnoses such as grief, dysthymia, post-partum dysphoria and seasonal affective disorder.  The therapist will also educate you on the cognitive model using metaphors and five-factor model worksheets to ensure you understand the reciprocal nature of the human matrix.

The therapist will then set treatment goals and determine how those goals will be measured.  Most therapists use a combination of subjective self-reports on mood and more objective depression inventories such as the Beck Depression Inventory to measure progress.

It is during this phase that the therapist begins building the therapeutic relationship which remains paramount above any information/technique that is to be provided. Do not ignore rapport building and establishing a therapeutic relationship by focusing too much on technique.

The main goals for the initial phase Include:

  • Education on the symptoms, epidemiology and etiology of Depression.
  • Education on the cognitive model using metaphor and worksheets.
  • Setting treatment goals and how you will measure progress towards those goals.
  • Build the therapeutic relationship and prioritize it above technique/information.
  • Homework: Five Factor Model Worksheets & Weekly Monitoring Worksheet
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